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Worfield & Rudge Parish Council:

Coronavirus: Parish Council Meetings in April and May:

Following emergency legislation and regulations by the Secretary of State, the decision has been taken to cancel the following Council meeting.

Thursday 7th May 2020 - (Annual Meeting of Council)

In accordance with the regulations, any appointments which would usually be made at the Annual Meeting will continue until the next Annual Meeting or until the council decides otherwise, whichever is the earlier. It is currently anticipated that the next Annual Council Meeting will take place in May 2021.

Covering Worfield Parish.

Meetings are usually held on the 1st Thursday of the month.

Web Site Guide

Visitors to this web site may find the following information helpful.

  • · Details of the Monthly Expenditure is contained within the minutes, and is summarized at the end of each monthly document.
  • · A Copy of the Annual Financial papers including the end of year Accounts, the Internal and External Audit reports, Annual Governance Statement will be published separately under the heading “End of Year Accounts”
  • · A Copy of the Asset Register will be published separately. This will detail public land and buildings registered in the name of the council.
  • · No formal sub committees operate from this council.
  • · The list of members is available
  • · Details of the planning applications to be considered at each meeting will be found within the agenda document
  • · Details of the comments forwarded to Shropshire Council (or to Appeals Department) will be found in the minutes.